Modern Boredom in the Church

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Modern Boredom in the Church

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:24 pm

In many ways, it seems to me that one issue with the modern Christian church having no influence, no character, and often no backbone, that is often overlooked is how boring it has become.

When you really start to read the Bible beyond what we were taught growing up, it's amazing how we miss the excitement of the story. More than once, we've all heard that the excitement lies in the fact that we are saved; that Christ will come for us. While this is true, and something to be excited for, no doubt, it doesn't paint even a part of the picture.

Mankind needs conflict. We need battle of some kind in order to make us better. We've built a billion dollar entertainment industry that shows us impressive images of the conflict we desire, and yet we miss the fact daily that we are in a battle that spans the entirely of time and the universe itself. In the midst of our daily lives, we live out a chess game; a battle for principalities, dominions, and powers. What we can't see we forget. And now that culture has dispatched God entirely, we're not even allowed as a culture to imagine that which we cannot see, thus we have, in fact forgotten it all, despite that quantum physics, astronomy, and more, tell us that we are, in fact, only part of a large universe.

What would happen if somehow people got the truth of the Real Story of the Bible out again, into the churches?


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